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We adopt a Coral tree for you

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More and more entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the importance of sustainable business operations. We do this together by taking very simple steps; green electricity, reuse of items and office furniture, switching off equipment, using less paper, working more at home, separating waste, plants in the office, etc.. And that's good, because all little helps.
Intoappsnwebs contributes also to these steps, and in a different way too. Read more about why and how here below!


When we think of global warming, we quickly think of melting polar caps, an increase in greenhouse gases, volcanic eruptions and so on. But the heat also does a lot of damage underwater. In the last century the temperature of the seawater has risen to such an extent, that it's also disastrous for the coral reefs. If the coral reefs disappear, there is a greater threat of flooding and the chance of extreme damage from, for example, tsunamis, is many times greater. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide who depend on the reef have also lost their food or income. Think of fishery and tourism.


The amount of species of organisms is also very high in the coral reefs. This is partly because many animals have a specific function in the reef. With the disappearance of the coral, many species of organisms disappear with it. Coral also plays an important role in our medicine cabinets. Many medicines or substances from it come from the coral. And coral is of course also very beautiful, it would be a shame if it were lost.

Why adopt a tree?

With this adoption program we participate in the restoration efforts of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire. Through this adoption we are aiding recovery, advocating for marine wildlife and being an integral part of preserving these aquatic treasures for future generations.

And how do you do that?

Very simple. When you become a client of intoppsnwebs, we will adopt a coral tree on your behalf.
You can give it your own name and your coral tree will then be cared for by employees and volunteers for six to nine months. Then when it is large enough, it is planted in a restoration site and carefully checked and maintained. You will receive an official certificate of adoption, a thank you letter and a digital image of your coral in the 'nursery'.

And this is how you contribute in another special way! Our gift to you.


Small changes together
make a big difference!

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