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Project Details

What we created:
infographics | outdoor signage | (powerpoint)presentations | brochures | technical specs | wall decoration | graphic designs (icons, graphics, and more)


I'm proud contributing to AgXeed, a pioneering company revolutionizing agricultural vehicles. Their vehicles, known for their unique features, are four to five times lighter than traditional tractors, reducing soil pressure. Equipped with self-propelled technology, they require less labor and enable 24/7 operation, which is not only more pleasant for the farmers, but also for our planet.

Being part of AgXeed's innovative team is inspiring. At AgXeed, I also bring the necessary spice to designing and shaping. Our strength lies in the synergy between our ideas and creativity that results in impressive PowerPoint presentations, clear infographics, visuals, glossy brochures, specifications and more. And best of all! The AgXeed crew is always enthusiastic, positive and passionate about what they do and what I do!

Axeed and intoappsnwebs | working on technicals specs

Axeed and intoappsnwebs | working on wall decorations

graphic sustainable farming

Sustainable farming

"The AgBot has a simple structure and is very easy to maintain. The AgBot does its job with constant quality. Minimizing the soil impact with a smaller unit with increased workable hours.”

Intoappsnwebs created many graphics to support their presentations amongst other materials.

AgXeed and intoappsnwebs | working on brochures

Agxeed and intoappsnwebs | working on infographics - ROI (return on investment) and more
Agxeed and intoappsnwebs | working on infographic FLEXIBILITY and more
Agxeed and intoappsnwebs | working on infographic PRECISION and more

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