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Arte Oliva Hotel

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photography | graphic designs | brochures | movies


It all began with a simple click of the camera lens, leading me to an incredible opportunity. Picture this: an appartment hotel in Croatia, nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities like Primošten and Split. It was here that I spent an unforgettable time, capturing the essence of beauty through my lens. From the sun-kissed beaches to the winding trails embraced by bikers and hikers, every moment was a gift.

And when you're seeking a getaway yourself, either for business meetings, brainstorm sessions, or simply to soak up the sun, this hotel is the perfect oasis. And for those craving a deeper connection with themselves and nature, it's also an ideal setting for yoga retreats and seminars. I'm certainly visiting the place very soon again!


Arte Oliva Hotel and intoappsnwebs | working on brochures

Map of Croatia - Grebastica

Dalmatia - Heart of Croatia

"Hedonistic heart of Croatia – Dalmatia – famous for its food, beaches, islands and sea, in all its forms and shapes. History of Dalmatia goes back to 180 BC, its architecture, cuisine and traditions influenced by many cultures that travelled through this fascinating region during the centuries.”

Arte Oliva Hotel is located right in the middle between two main coastal airports, Zadar and Split, in a cozy bay with crystal clear water no words can describe. The town is called Grebaštica, indicated by the red pin.

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Arte Oliva Hotel and intoappsnwebs | photography by Maria Clarke Jr

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